Indirect Initiatives in

Happy Children’s Library

Seem, Nainital District, Kumaon | Uttarakhand

Established in 2016, Happy Children’s Library (HCL) offers a curated collection of over two thousand storybooks and serves as a vibrant space for children and local communities from nearby villages. Metores has supported various initiatives including upgrading the computer lab, covering senior class tuition fees, facilitating Seem kids’ visit to the Pahad Ke Rang exhibition, arranging exposure trips to New Delhi, coordinating a cricket coaching camp with Clearwater Analytics, fully sponsoring Khushi Ka Ek Din at Seem, and organizing a science day at the library. 

Hiteshi School

Garur valley, Bageshwar District | Uttarakhand

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, near the village of Dyonai and 15 km from Kausani in Uttarakhand, Hiteshi is a primary school founded by Mr. Kishan Rana and his wife. Established 20 years ago, Hiteshi thrives on the dedication and hard work of the Rana family, who support the school through their farming income. Metores has supported Hiteshi through infrastructure development, a computer lab, teacher training and remuneration, and financial backing for the Kisan Mahotsav.

Project Margshala

India & Bharat Together (IABT)

IABT programmes aim to empower rural and small-town youth from remote areas of Uttarakhand by equipping them with the awareness, ability, and agency to seize opportunities aligned with their aspirations. Metores supported these initiatives by providing grant support to run the initial cohort focused on career guidance and exposure, as well as offering mentorship support during the initial conceptualisation of the programme

Himalayan Public School

Suyalbari, Nainital District, Kumaon | Uttarakhand

Established in 2010, HPS was created to provide quality education to rural children. With 70 students and 7 teachers spanning classes 1 to 5, the school is committed to academic excellence. Metores Trust has been a longstanding supporter, offering grants for infrastructure development, teacher training, and in-kind donations. In January 2023, an annual agreement was initiated to focus on teacher training and integrate art education into the curriculum, facilitated by external experts. Metores supported infrastructure development, including the establishment of a digital lab, provided teacher’s training, funded school library books and sports materials, organised exposure visits for school children, fully sponsored the KKED program for the mothers of the school kids, and contributed to teacher’s remuneration. 

Indirect Initiatives Other States

Headquartered in Bankura with religious centres at 4 locations where a total
of 28 boys & girls from class 2 to 8 receive free education, coaching,
residential space and overall development. Metores Trust has been
supporting this organisation since ? with an annual grant utilised for
infrastructure & medical care.

The centre was started in 1976 with 6 mentally challenged students. The aim was to
provide vocational training and life skills so that these individuals become selfdependent. Skills like basic education, sewing, candle making and making
disposable items are imparted at their centre. Metores Trust has been supporting
this organisation since 2014 with an annual grant utilised for Annual grant utilized
for upliftment of these individuals through better facilities & new scientifically
designed games, medical facilities for these children, spreading awareness
regarding mental health and remuneration of teachers & visiting consultants

QUEST’s main objective is to achieve quality education at scale, addressing the
challenge of low learning outcomes in rural and tribal areas despite efforts to
improve access through initiatives like the RTE Act of 2009. Metores trust is
supporting Quest with an annual grant for running its Shikshan Samruddhi
Kandra (SSK) – a hub for innovative, child-centered learning in language and
mathematics for students in grades 1 to 8, led by specially trained local youth
called ‘Balmitras’

A primary school for underprivileged children upto class 5 founded 30 years
ago by Ms Sinhasahni, and run based on the teachings of her guru
Purnananda. Metores trust is one of the first and oldest supporters of the
school. The trust provides an annual grant utilised for procurement of land,
teacher’s salary, setting up a library, science lab and computer lab.

Founded in 1974, NSVV is a fully aided school offering 100% free and holistic
education for over 45 years to one of the most disadvantaged sections of society.
Students who attend NSVV are children of rickshaw pullers, the labour class & house
help. The school has 90 students enrolled from Nursery to Grade 4. Metores Trust
had been supporting this school since 2013 with an annual contribution utilised for
salaries, school kids‘ nutrition and upliftment.

A 100% women-run organisation founded in 1895 that runs three residential
schools for girls upto grade 8 in Ghirdhi, Jharkhand (150 girls), Kolkata (100
girls) and Navodeep (50 girls). Metores Trust had been supporting this
organisation since ? with an annual grant utilised for infrastructure & medical

Ashish is pursuing a B.Pharma at GEHU, Bihar and has been receiving support from
Metores Trust in multiple ways. The trust has helped him shortlist the college and
navigate the admission process in Uttarakhand. Metores also provides partial
financial support for his tuition and hostel fees yearly, along with exposure and
guidance to enhance his educational experience and career opportunities.